2 V6 units and a Fuji X-T1

Hi Everyone
I have not been able to get the above scenario working.
I have a TX on the X-T1 and a Nikon SB600 on the RX unit.
I have followed the instructions to the letter many times!!! However I must be doing something wrong because here is the scenario what I get:
  • TX and RX both set to Nikon SB600.
  • Nikon SB600  to TTL
  • Push the button on the front of the TX and both the TX and the RX flash green and the flash fires.
  • Turn on the camera and take a shot: yes the flash fires but not at the requested level.
  • Dial in a longer flash and the flash does not change. ie the exposure in the camera stays the same.
  • This goes on ad infinitum.
  • However if i change the SB600 to manual I can control the flash output from the SB600 itself.

Why can't I change the flash output from the TX unit?

Your help would be most appreciated!!!!



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    First, you don't need to select a flash profile on the V6 Tx, unless you are using a flash on top of it. It shouldn't hurt, but it isn't necessary.

    Second, do you see the power level change on the V6 Rx when you change it on the V6 Tx? If not, try whether you can make that work by removing the flash.

    Try a different ordering of turning on the V6 Rx and flash.

    You may also try to reselect the flash profile on the V6 Rx after you turned it on.

    Third, if all the above fail, try installing the latest V6 firmware (would be a good idea anyhow as it contains a number of bug fixes, including the "forgetting flash profile during power cycle").
  • Thanks.
    I'll try out your ideas and report back.
    So far:
    Yes the power level changes on the Rx when changed on the Tx.
    I have downloaded the latest firmware and it has made no difference.
    More soon.

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    Thank you so much!!
    The problem was the order in which the TX and the Nikon SB600 are turned on.
    The Nikon must be turned on first.
    Cactus need to put this fact in a prominent place on their website as it is contrary to what the instructions say. At least they should change the web based instruction sheet!
    Again thank you.
  • Yay, happy for you that this did the trick!
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