2 suggestions - flash quench signal over X-sync port and built-in timer(s)

edited July 2015 in V6 Suggestions
Suggestion 1: I'm not sure if the hardware supports this, but it would be useful to provide a flash quench signal over the X-sync port, e.g. for connecting to Nikon 3-pin TTL connectors or for similar DIY hobbyist use in a less bulky fashion than going through the hot shoe. 

Suggestion 2: I envision being able to set timers (e.g. hour, minute, second...) for trigger delays, time lapse sequences, and durations for long exposures- to provide more control than a simple hold-the-button-down bulb operation. 

Hope these can be considered- the V6 is already a swiss army tool of useful functions and I'm curious to see what other tricks it's capable of!


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