Setup for Remote Manual Power Control: Order of Powering ON Devices

This came up a few times where users experienced problems of remote power controlling their TTL flash.
 It may be a simple fix by following the correct way of powering on your devices - Top Down.

As laid out in the user manual here are the steps to follow:

1. Connect the flash units to the V6.
2. Switch on the flash units in TTL mode. Then switch on the V6 in RX mode.
3. Choose the correct flash prof ile for each V6.

Now you may not find this steps on your printed user manual. You can download the latest PDF version here:

659 x 795 - 79K
Antonio Lao
Brand Manager


  • One related question here there a recommended power -on order for using a TTL flash attached to a V6 which is attached to the camera hot-shoe? Eg, is it 'Flash, V6, camera', or 'camera, V6, flash' etc .... ?
  • Yes, especiallly, as most V6 users would need a TTL flash for remote power control.  Always switch on the gear from the top down.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Thanks, I'll follow that order from now.
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