Can I use Minolta Auto Elektroflash Macro 80 PX on my Canon Rebel 300D?

I found a manual but it doesn't state trigger voltages and I read something about Minolta flashes not having the pins on the right places to be used with Cactus.

So, can I use this flash?


  • @12345

    Minolta flash system is not supported by the V6, so no remote power control.

    If you only intend to use it as a "safe sync" both the Cactus V5 and V6 can handle up to 300V of trigger voltage.  Since there's no such data found online, you can measure the trigger voltage yourself with a digital voltmeter.

    Good luck!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • OK. Let's assume that it stays well under 300V,
    Can I then click the Minolta on a V6 which I click on my Canon without the use of cables?

  • Yes, you can if the flash:
    1. has a trigger voltage below 300V
    2. uses the centre hot shoe contact pin for flash triggering signal

    For on-camera use, mount the Cactus V6 Wireless Transceiver on your camera hot shoe, then the flash on the V6's hot shoe.

    1. Switch on the flash and set it to Manual mode
    2. Switch on the V6 to TX Mode
    3. Switch on the camera

    For off-camera use, you will need two (2) Cactus V6 transceivers. Mount a V6 set toTX on camera hot shoe and the flash on a second V6 set to RX mode.

    Hope this helps!

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Thanks a lot! I'll get a Volt meter.
  • @12345 sure no problem! Hope your flash is below 300V :)
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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