My Cactus V6 gives me host of problems

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I am new to Cactus world and I have trouble with my newly bought Cactus V6 (bad start) :(. I am just not able to get it to work with my Canon 600ex. I set the profile on Group A to my speedlite but it just does not link. I am not sure if I am missing any set up step. 

I have another problem too with firmware update. I am on 1.1.008 and I am trying to update using mini USB cable (4 of them) none of them seem to work. The drivers aren't getting installed to go further with the update.

Please help!



P.S. I am on Win 7 OS


  • Hi Ray,

    Sorry to hear about the bad start. No worries we can troubleshoot them here:
    1. Are both the V6 units set to the same channel?
    2. Is Group A on the V6 TX unit (transmitter) switched on?
    3. Is your Canon 600EX set to TTL mode?
    About firmware update, are you running any anti virus program on your computer? Try deactiavte protection for the installation process and see if the driver can be installed.

    Hope this helps!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Hi Antonio,

    Thanks for responding. 

    1. Do I need 2 V6 units? I thought 600ex has wireless receiver akin to RF60? 
    2. My answer depends on above question :)
    3. 600EX is set to TTL mode

    I do have AVG anti-virus running on my PC. I will try and see if it works. 

    Thanks for the help.
  • Cactus V6, despite also running on 2.4Ghz, is not compatible with any other wireless flash system including the one in the Canon 600EX. Therefore you need at least two (2) Cactus V6 transceivers, one TX (transmitter), the other RX (reciever). Alternatively, one V6 + one RF60 Wireless Flash.

    Try downloading the Updater again, we re-bundled it with a driver for Windows.

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Hi Antonio,

    I did not know that V6 is not compatible with other wireless flash system. Thanks for letting me know that. I could not find that information anywhere.

    I ordered my second V6 now and will let you know how it goes once I receive it.

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    The GadgetInfinty page for the V6 contains this note:

    This listing is for ONE (1) Cactus V6 ONLY. You need a minimum of two (2) V6 units: one V6 as a Transmitter and a second V6 as a Receiver to trigger and remote power control of one (1) portable flash unless you have a Cactus RF60 / LV5 / V5 which has a built-in transceiver.

    It would probably be a good idea to have the same or a similar note for the V6 in the Cactus Image Store.
  • zulesray said:

     I could not find that information anywhere.

    Hi Prashanth,

    Sorry to hear about this though we did mention (on both V6's page on Cactus Store and Main site) that the V6 is not compatible with any other trigger model, and the Canon 600EX is another system too.  See below:

    Notes on compatibility:     
    • Cactus V6 does not work with any other flash trigger model including Cactus V4, V2s or V2
    • Cactus V6 does not transmit TTL information wirelessly    
    • Cactus V6 is not compatible with flashes or strobes with reversed polarity connectors    
    • Cactus V6 is compatible with practically all cameras that come with either (1) a standard ISO hot shoe, or (2) a female sync port connection   
    • Cactus V6 is compatible with the Wireless Flash Transceiver V5, Laser Trigger LV5 and Wireless Flash RF60

    Thanks again and keep us posted!

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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    I'd say that when people read "flash trigger model" they are thinking of dedicated triggers, not flashes.

    Given that there is also a flash compatibility list, but no explicit mentioning that compatibility refers to flash <-> receiver compatibility and that a further transmitter is required for operation, I think people can be excused to think that one V6 on its own can control compatible flashes via radio.

    That's why I suggested to use the phrasing from the GadgetInfinity page.
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    Thanks for the suggestion Class A. We have added it in the Store listing and will also add it on the main site. :)
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Nice, Antonio, that's great!
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