Get a Thunder Lightning in pictures using the V6 + cable release

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I just received my 2 cactus V6 and a Canon 600EX-RT.

While unboxing and testing I had all configured and the flash on the tripod. I accidentally emit a flash with a 1000 Lumen led torch to the V6 optical sensor with the "Optical Slave" function ON on "S2 Main Flash" mode. And that's triggered the Flash.

I was wondering if anyhow it could be possible to use both functions with a trigger release cable to trigger a shot from a Thunder Lightning strike.


  • Hello @Miro

    We haven't tried that before it may actually work!

    If the lightning is not bright enough, what you could do is switch on your portable flash's optical slave, so once the flash is triggered by the lightning, it fire a flash directly into the V6's optical sensor, and then triggering camera's shutter.

    FYI the otpical sensor on the V6 was designed for flash profile learning so it has a lower sensitivity.

    Have a try and let us know how it goes!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

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