Metz 58 AF-2 for Olympus

Hi all.

the Metz 58 did not work correctly on its Profile in my Cactus V6. On Level 1 it did not give the full power. Now I changed the profile to 52 AF-1 it seems to work 
.with the 58.

Does the Learning Mode not work for Olympus? For my Nikon-Nissin i866 there bis also no learning possible.

When do you support the Metz 64 for Olympus?

Beste wishes Ruben 


  • Hello Ruben, flash profile learning is not available on Olympus flash systems.

    The Metz 64 and most other pure digital TTL flash models will only be supported with the next model as new hardware is required.  So the current V6 model will not support them.

    Thank you!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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    Hello Antonio,
    is you statement "flash profile learning is not available on Olympus flash systems"still valid?
    Is there any plans to add missing Metz 50-AF1 for Olympus system?
    I am asking because  I like Cactus V6 a lot, but have also some flashes Metz 50-AF1, which I would sell it case their are not supported. BTW: Metz 50-AF1 working with Metz 44-AF1 profiles and others somehow (other profiles changing zoom (to 70mm) when RX is switched on and power level touched, I know it is strange, but proven by several flash and V6 combination tests; workaround is setup zoom manually)
    Thank you, Tomas
  • Hi Tomas,

    Yes the statement is still valid unfortunately.
    However if you could hold on to your Metz a little longer you won't regret it later.
    Your 50 AF-1 will soon be supported.

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
  • Your 50 AF-1 will soon be supported. 

  • sedlacekt said:

    Your 50 AF-1 will soon be supported. 

    Great news, I am so exciting also what the new V6 update will bring and what new Cactus V6II will bring. Latest announcement 22.02.2016 is so promising: "Cactus V6 - V6II (for cameras with standard ISO hot shoe) and V6IIS (for Sony), offers HSS, AF Assist and other features"
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