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i have a number of flashes for use with my Pentax

1. AF540 - this should be no problem
2. YN460-ii this is a manual flash so cant be set by the V6
3. Sigma EF-430ST
4 Sigma EF-500 ST

so my question is are the two sigma flashes able to be controlled (power levels) by the V6?



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    We don't have chance to test those Sigma flashes. However, there are two methods that may enable the remote power control by the V6.

    1. use Learning mode in the V6 Rx unit (press MENU button > FLASH SETUP > START LEARNING > PENTAX) with Sigma flash mounted. In case the flash is using analogue TTL, the V6 may be able to generate a corresponding flash profile for remote power control.

    2. use existing flash profile from Pentax catalog, such as Pentax AF540F* or AF360F* .

    Please give it a try. I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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