V6 Test button stopped working

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Hi Ray - If you are there

I bought 2 x tranceivers from Gadget Infinity back in October last year. I have used one tranceiver as my main unit and have had the 2nd as a back up. 

had brought the backup out today to use on a shoot and the test button on the corner has stopped working. I checked all settings, reset to factory, set to short range as I was in a sitting room of a house and still nothing. Very sad that the unit has only ever been used once as its a backup.

I would like to post it back to you for a replacement as its faulty  

My Order id: #111836 for Gadget Infinity

Can you please let me know is this possible.

I should have a 12 month warranty.



  • I replied to your email. Please check.

    Thank you.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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