Manual Flash Confusion with TTL Passthrough

  • Hi! Can you tell me if I can still use AF-assist in my SB-910 when attached to a Cactus V6 on top of my camera? The AF-assist works when the flash is attached DIRECTLY to my camera, but doesn't appear to work when I put the Cactus V6 on my camera's hotshot and then place the SB-910 on top of the Cactus V6. What am I doing wrong? I want my on-camera flash (atop the Cactus V6) to remain in FULL MANUAL MODE. I don't want to use TTL for my on-caMera flash, but I would like to use my AF-assist (the infrared) to help me focus in low light situations. I have a total of 5 Cactus V6 units - I want the on-camera flash (the one that sits on top of the V6 on my camera) to be in MANUAL mode (not TTL); the remaining 4 flash/V6 units are off camera on stands. Thank you!


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    Have you selected the SB-910 flash profile on the on-camera V6 and set the V6 to "TTL pass-through" mode?

    I'm not sure whether the AF-assist is going to work then, but if you don't do the above, then it is not going to work for sure.

    You should be able to use the SB-910 in manual mode even though you are using TTL pass-through by selecting manual mode on the SB-910.

    I don't have any Nikon equipment myself, so I'm speculating to some extent, but perhaps you can get the AF-assist to work with the above tips.
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