Cactus V6 automatically sets Nikon SB910 zoom to 200mm and SB700 to 85mm?

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I have 2 RF60s and they are working great. 

For some reason, I just noticed that the V6 automatically set the SB910 zoom to 200mm after setting the correct profile and the SB700 to zoom 85mm. I can't seem to change it at all. Please advise!!

Thank you


  • Hello Sean,

    When using the V6 with Nikon flash, the control panel of the Nikon flash would be locked. The flash head would set to the factory default of the zoom range. For SB-910, it is 200mm. You can adjust the zoom by unlocking the control panel. To do that, press the MENU button in the V6 RX unit for two seconds, you will see "FLASH UNLOCKED" . Then, you are free to adjust the zoom range of the Nikon flash. After done, press any keys on the V6 to resume.

    I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Thank you very much Raychan!
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