Does the V6 support M43 and mirrorless cameras (Olympus / Panasonic)?

The Cactus V6 supports any camera with a standard hot shoe or PC sync port.


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    Because I have a Metz 52AF-1 flashlight for 43, I am curious whether the TTL function can be enabled, if I use V6 to connect it with my Fuji X-E1? Thanks.
  • Hi superod, currently the V6 does not support TTL flash systems other
    than Canon, Nikon and Pentax - that is, for remote power control.  So
    your Metz unit is running on Olympus / Panasonic TTL system, so the V6
    cannot controls its power.

    If you have a Olympus / Panasonic
    camera, you may however mount the Metz on the V6 Transmitter unit and it
    will support TTL pass through.  You'll have to stick to the same
    system, so in case you are wondering about your Fuji X-E1, it won't do
    TTL pass through across different systems.

    Last but not least, TTL functions are not available even if you have a flash that runs on Canon, Nikon and Pentax TTL because all that the V6 Receiver does is talking to the flash in terms of how long each flash is fired in producing a specific power output.  So the V6 does not enable any TTL function of the flash.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager
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