Strange behavior: Nikon D700 + V6 + Nikon SB800

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I checked around, so I apologize if this issue has already been discussed:  

1)  When I place my V6 on my D700, the shutter speed fixes itself at 1/60 while in Aperture Priority mode.  I actually have to change it to Manual in order to adjust my shutter speed.  Any ideas?

2)  When I add my Nikon SB800 flash on top of the V6 (while V6 is mounted on the D700 and TTL passthrough activated), my red focus assist grid is either constantly flashing on/off and totally random or doesn't activate at all.  

I'm afraid to upgrade to the new firmware as I'm reading all the trouble everyone is having...  any ideas?

I absolutly LOVE my Cactus gear, but these issues are making them hard to use/recommend.



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    Can't help you with your specific issue as I don't own the same equipment, but there is no need to be apprehensive about upgrading the firmware.

    First, I don't know about the "trouble everyone is having" and second, you can always downgrade to an older firmware anytime.
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