V6 + Yongnuo 468EXII


My current setup is:
Fuji X-T1
Fuji EF-42 flash
Yongnuo 468EX II flash.

I'd like to buy two V6 triggers so I can control my 468EX from my Fuji.
That said, my question is pretty much already asked: Can I plug a V6 on my Yongnuo 468EX II?



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    To the best of my knowledge the only officially supported Yongnuo model is the Yongnuo YN568EX II for Canon.

    Sometimes one can use a profile meant for another flash -- e.g. the YN568EX II profile also works for the YN600EX -- but I would not necessarily count on that to work.

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    So it is safe to say that the Yongnuo YN-568EX Speedlite for Nikon will not work at all? And what about using it with D750? I am looking to buy this to use with Yongnuo YN-568EX Speedlite + Nikon D750. Thanks!
  • @Switchyb

    you will need to purchase your V6 directly from our store:

    And leave a note telling us that is for Nikon D750.

    YN-568EXII for Canon is compatible. Not sure about the first generation of the 568EX.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

    To help us better help you, always state the exact firmware version installed on your Cactus device(s), such as: "1.1.013", "NIK.A.001", "v.103", or "A06".

    TTL or HSS not working on Cactus V6 II and V6 IIs? Be sure to check hot shoe connectivity by doing the <CAMERA INFO> check.

    Feel free to suggest an improvement or share product ideas. Contact us directly at info@cactus-image.com.  At Cactus, we listen. 
  • Hi Antonio
    Thank you for your response.

    I will purchase a transmitter from your store for the D750.

    One thing, I am also looking to purchase and use the Yongnuo YN560-IV Speedlight with the Cacus V6. I am not concerned with TTL but will be adjusting power settings manually on all flashes.

    Can I then use the Yongnuo YN560-IV Speedlight with the Cactus V6 TX/RX? I am looking to purchase 6 units but need to be sure. Thank you!
  • The YN560-IV is a manual flash and hence you can only trigger it with a V6 receiver but not control its power levels with a V6.
  • Thanks for the quick response. So what about a Yongnuo YN-568EX Speedlite for Nikon Cameras. 

    And last question for clarity: One of the requirements to be able to control power levels with a V6 is if the Flash is TTL enabled. Now will those flashes will be using TTL to make adjustments for power and I am going to provide exposure compensation on my end or will they act like fully manual flashes? Does my question make sense? Thanks!
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    I don't know whether the Yongnuo YN568EX for Nikon will work.

    To the best of my knowledge the Yongnuo YN568EX II for Canon is the only Yongnuo flash that is guaranteed to work.

    Others may do, even with a "wrong" profile chosen, but you'd have to try it yourself or find someone who tried it. Seems Cactus themselves don't know either.

    Your last question makes sense and the answer is that you'll have manual control, i.e., you won't be applying exposure compensation.

    The V6 only needs the TTL mode to set power levels; all level control is manual.
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    Can I then use the TN568EX II for Canon with Nikon SLRs. Please note the following setup:

    Nikon D750 + V6-Tx + SB-700 (all mounted on camera) (I will be ordering through your site for the D750 hot shoe models)
    Nikon D810 + V6-Tx + SB-700

    V6-Rx + Nikon SB-600
    V6-Rx + Nikon SB-900
    V6-Rx + Yongnuo YN568EX II for Canon

  • Actually nevermind I saw the RF60 flashes and decided to take a plunge with them. Thanks again for the quick responses! Can't wait to try these out.

    Am really hoping the Nikon D750 shoes work flawlessly. That is my primary camera and the one I use 90% of the time for my photography.
  • Can I then use the TN568EX II for Canon with Nikon SLRs.

    The setup you described would have worked as well.

    I think you'll like the RF60 though as they give a number of additional options.
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