Does it works alone ?

I don't know anything about speedlights.  Am just starting to learn about them and I'm confused a bit.
Does this speedlight will work alone when mounted on a camera (and with the V6 to trigger it), or is
it meant to work only in sync with other off-camera speedlights ?   I know it can control many off-camera
TTL flashes but I'm confused as to know if it can also work alone.
Probably a silly question but when you're new to flash photography it can be very confusing.
Thank you.


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    You can use an RF60 mounted on a camera (with no further equipment needed). So yes, it can be used on its own.

    You can also use it off-camera. In the latter case you need to somehow trigger it and there are several ways to achieve that:
    • hot-shoe cable,
    • optically (e.g., with the built-in flash of your camera),
    • V6 (or another radio trigger, but only the V6 will remote control the power and zoom settings of an RF60),
    • or another on-camera flash.
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