V6 with NIkon D800, Nikon SB910 & Nissin Di866 mkii


Just bought 3 units yesterday for wedding tomorrow thinking this would be easy to set up! (My old transceivers packed in on Monday!)

Done as expected from instructions.. both flashes set up on Channel 1, Group A & B, both firing, but results show everying well overexposed which shows it is not TTL. Initially my SB910 did not start up as TTL even though it was before I turned it off. So I read in a discussion that you turn the flash on before you turn the V6 on. Only problem now is that the flash is stuck at 200mm F4 on DX mode. Even with the TTL mode set on the TX V6 on my D800, it is not right.

Next I thought.. maybe it needs new firmware.... So I connected them up to MAC (El Capitain version by the way) and when I connect this and hold the menu button down I get an embedded file error. This is on all 3 units!

This isn't good and I need these working for tomorrow or I have to rethink my shots. Can anyone help pls?

Thank you


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    You won't ever get TTL over radio from V6 units. They are only meant to provide manual control. The TTL mode for the transmitter is only meant for TTL pass-through for an on-camera flash.

    If you cannot change the zoon level, but want to, you can unlock the flash. Press and hold the menu button on the V6 receiver until it displays that the flash has been unlocked.
  • I have a Nikon D7000 and SB800 flashes.  I can't get the Cactus V6 to change the output of the flash.  I have read about the issues of Cactus and Nikon and have tried the solutions to fix the problem, such as turning on the flash before the Cactus.  I have the camera and SB800 in manual mode.  The TX and RX units show that the power to the flash is being adjusted but he flash output remains constant and the panel on the back of the flash never shows a change in power.  What am I doing wrong?
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    The SB800 needs to be in TTL mode for power control to work. The manual describes it step by step (but suggests the wrong powering on order for Nikon).

    Here is a step by step description for Nikon that uses the correct ordering.

    Don't forget to set the flash profile on the Rx, though.
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