Will not Trigger

I'm a real estate photographer. Using your triggers and being able to adjust the light level from the camera has made my life a lot easier.
As a real estate photographer I usually place a light on a stand behind the camera, very close. When the receiver is withing 2 to 3 feet of the transceiver the flash will not fire.
I have to keep moving the receiving flash further away to get it to work.
Why is being too close to each an issue to get these to work?
Is there a fix? other than keep moving them further apart....



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    You might be experiencing signal overload. Per default, the triggers are set to cover ranges of 100m+ so the transmitter signal is relatively strong.

    There is a fix, though. Enter the menu and find the sub-menu. Within the latter, you'll find an option to set the work range to "SHORT" (rather than "LONG"). This will allow the transmitter and receivers to be in very close range with each other.

    If that does not help, perhaps your issue is caused by antenna orientation, causing a "blind spot". In this case, rotating the flash / receiver (and compensating with a respective rotation of the head) may help. I'm not sure how the antenna is oriented internally, so if I were you (and the "SHORT" range option did not help), I'd try to rotate the flash around more than just one axis, in case this solution attempt does not succeed at first.
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