Fuji X-T1, Nikon SB700 and V6 on camera


I wanted to use the SB700 on camera with the V6, so that I could control the flashpower with the V6 instead of using the flash control panel. Whatever I try, it does not work.

I put the V6 in RX mode, but then I cannot change the power output. When I use TX mode, depending on how I position the flash, the flash works, but I cannot change the power. If I slide the V6 completely on the hotshoe, the flash act as if it was fired when I take a picture, but the flash is fired.

I tried in TTL mode and normal mode.

When I use 2 V6 in RX and TX mode, everything works and I can control the power.

Is what I would like to accomplish, impossible or am I missing something?

PS: I also used the correct sequence to power-up flash-V6 and the camera.


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