APP_CRC message


I've got 5 V6 units.  Just did a firmware upgrade to 1.1.016 on all of them.  One unit is acting up and throwing a 
APP_CRC:0x1F4638 message if powered on with the OK button.  It also lights up A,B,C group buttons. When powered on
in either TX or RX it displays the firmware version and freezes.  Bottom line is it's unresponsive.  I don't think
it's the firmware, I've loaded 1.1.016 on it with same response as 1.1.016.  I probably need to send it in for a 
replacement eh? 



  • Meant to say, I don't think it's the firmware, I've loaded 1.1.008 on it with same response as 1.1.016.
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