Is there a visible difference between the hot shoe on the V6 for Nikon D750 and the regular V6?

I ask this question because I bought 4x Standard V6 from, and I also ordered 2 additional from Cactus Store (Hong Kong) specifically for the Nikon D750.

However when I compared the Nikon D750 V6 hot shoe with the standard V6 I can not find a single difference in size or pin placement. I thought there were minor adjustments made for the D750. I can provide photos tomorrow, but am I supposed to see some difference between the two V6? Thanks!


  • Just an FYI have made a huge investment in your wireless tx/rx + flash system. So i want to make sure. I am using the V6 with Nikon D810 and Nikon D750.

    I just bought a total of 6x V6 tx/rx and 3x RF60 flashes.
    Total spent: $945
  • Hello,

    The measurement is too tiny. It's really hard to classify it by eyes. You may mount the V6 on the D750 and flash with TTL pass-through enabled. That would find out which V6 is suitable for D750. 

    BTW, we tested your V6 on D750 to make sure the TTL-pass through works as expected.

    I hope that helps. 
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Thanks for the response Ray. That makes me feel better. Thank you!
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