V6 Trigger To Strobes

I have 3 Paul Buff X3200 strobe lights that are all synced to each other. I would like to fire them using the two Cactus V6s that I have. Please let me know if this is the correct set up: 

1 V6 attached to the hotshoe of the camera, set in TX mode, channel 1
1 V6 plugged into the 6/5 mm sync port of one of the flash units, using this cable: http://store.cactus-image.com/cactus-coiled-3-5mm-plug-cable-with-6-35mm-plug-adapter-ca-360/ set to RX mode, channel 1. 

I just wanted to confirm that this set up will work, and that this is the correct cable to use for this application. My coworker shoved the plug for a PC cable into one of the V6s, thinking that would work to sync. Hope he hasn't damaged the port! 



  • Hello @shift_drive,

    Yes, 6.35mm (or 1/4") sync cable is the correct one for connecting the V6 to your strobe. The sync cable only sends out a very low power signal and it won't be able to damage the port nor the strobe.

    The basic setup you mentioned is correct, though I am not sure how they sync with each other and that with a V6 connected to one of them would be able to trigger the other two strobes at the same time and sync with camera.

    Thanks and keep us posted!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

    To help us better help you, always state the exact firmware version installed on your Cactus device(s), such as: "1.1.013", "NIK.A.001", "v.103", or "A06".

    TTL or HSS not working on Cactus V6 II and V6 IIs? Be sure to check hot shoe connectivity by doing the <CAMERA INFO> check.

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