Metz 54 MZ-4 with SCA 3102 for CANON


I would like to know if Cactus is planning to include in the supported flashes for the V6 trigger the Metz 54 MZ-4 with the SCA 3102 for CANON.

I can use the flash through the TTL mode with the V6 trigger, but I cannot control all its features.

Does anyone know if future firmware updates will include the compatibility for this model with this adapter for CANON?

Thank you very much,




  • Dear Yatros,

    Although the V6 doesn't have profile for Metz 54 MZ-4 (Canon), you can try using other profile in the Canon section, for instance, METZ 58AF-1 for Canon. That may enable the remote power level.

    You can also select MANUAL FLASH in the V6 flash profile and set the flash in manual mode. All the power level would be adjusted at the position of the flash. The V6 is still capable to trigger the flash remotely.

    I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Another option would be to try and create a profile yourself with the V6's learning mode.

    Some people have done that successfully for the Metz 54mz3 (with sca3402M6 or sca3102M3 or sca3702M for Pentax).
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