RF60 Not Firing


So at the end of January I purchased 2 x RF60's and 2 V6 Transmitters.
I've been using 1 RF60 with no issues. Today I decided I needed to use the other RF60, but the flash wont fire at all.

I can alter the camera setting from the V6, there is communications, but it wont fire.
If I press the test button on the back of the RF60, there is no fire.
If I connect the flash to the camera, and place it in local mode, there is no fire.
This unit is pretty guffed.

I've ensured that the channels are correct, updated the firmware, and done everything that should have been done.
I've used new batteries, and used the batteries from the working flash as well. It still wont fire.

My issue is this.

I am in Shanghai and purchased the unit while on a day visit to Hong Kong. Obviously taking it back to the dealer could be an issue.  How can I get this replaced with you guys at Cactus?

Kind regards,



  • So i've contacted you via email, web contact form, forum and now twitter... Please get in touch...

    Kind regards,

  • Thank you Cactus for your friendly and thoughtful email this morning, I really appreciate your help with this issue.


  • Dear Pace,

    I've replied you by email. Please check.

    Thank you.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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