Suggestions on how to "learn" with two Nikon TTL flashes?



  • In case anyone's keeping score at home, this is the only way I could figure out how to use a Cactus V6 on a lanyard for configuration and still have TTL passthrough from my D600 to my SB-x00 speedlights. I tried to use a short Nikon i-TTL cable, but having a Cactus unit tied in parallel to an SB-x00 speedlight rendered the speedlight brain-dead.

    As an aside, I forgot to bring one of the pieces to one of the recent roller derby bouts that I shot, and ended up having to use a V6 transmitter on the D600. It was constantly reconfiguring the four receivers, even though I had "locked" the wheel. A stronger locking mechanism would be a nice firmware update, so I don't have to play these Phottix TX -> Phottix RX -> Cactus V5 TX -> Cactus V6 RX shenanigans.


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