What are the Cactus LV5 recommended accessories?

A must-have item is a shutter release cable. You will need to connect the LV5 Sensor to your camera shutter release port using this cable. You will need to find out the correct cable for your camera model. For example:
If you want to place your camera away from the LV5 Sensor, you can do so by using a Cactus V5 / V6. It will receive a wireless signal from the Sensor, and via a shutter cable connected, your camera will take a shot when the laser detects an object.
The LV5 can also be used to trigger portable flashes or studio strobes by using the included sync cables. This is also possible wirelessly with the V5. Note the flash needs to be set in M (manual) mode. Using the LV5 to trigger flashes is especially useful for high speed photography.


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