Unreliability (Nikon D750 hot shoe alignment issue)

edited July 2016 in V6 II Problems
The Cactus V6 II is unreliable.

1. TTL pass through - using a Nikon 750 and SB910, sometimes the flash works, sometimes it does't.

2. Triggering wirelessly - sometimes, the only way for the transceiver to update the power settings on the remote flash is to test fire the transceiver - this then updates the remote flash's settings but seems a waste of power and is inefficient. Other times, the remote happily updates the power settings without having to 'test-fire'. 

3. It is weird that it can't auto detect my Nikon camera and Nikon Flash - ok once I have set the camera and flash to Nikon.

4. I cannot update the firmware (see separate discussion).

This isn't a cheap system but my experience so far suggests I paid too much.


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