Profoto b1 and fuji xt-1

hey there..i just got my 2 cactus v6 mark II and cannot seem to make them work with my fuji xt1 and profoto b1 flashes..i have the cactus in my hotshot, on top of that the profit air remote for nikon and the other cactus attached via sync cable to the profoto b1 flashead.. tried everything, but in forced his the flash won't even fire..only when the forced mode is off and then i get a photo with the curtain... i also did the learning thing, but nothing worked...anyone has the same problems..? please help !!!


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    I don't use any of your gear so don't have much to offer. However, you can try selecting a flash profile other than "MANUAL FLASH" on your V6II receiver that is attached to the Profoto B1 with the cable, e.g., a "Nikon" profile.

    There is a bug in the standard firmware version that prevents a cabled connection from working when the receiver is using the "MANUAL FLASH" profile. Try varying between "HSS" and "PowerSync" as well and report back so that others with the respective gear can further help with troubleshooting.
  • The new V6II firmware (V1.1.002) is released with the above bug fixed.

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