v6-II support for older flashes, ATTL, AF-TTL

Will the new V6 II get support and profiles for older flashes with ATTL, AF-TTL?
For example 
Nikon SB-24, SB-28, SB-80
Canon 540EZ

I have several of them, and would like to use the v6-II to trigger them.
If not able to configure/controll power, will v6-ii be able to trigger them to flash?
I see that the v6 supports them, 
but I would prefer to get the v6-II as I want support for HSS, and I also have a couple of ETTL flashes.



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    You can trigger all these flashes, but if you use V6II receivers, they will not be able to control the power levels of those flashes.

    You can think of the V6 as the "analogue" model that supports SB-24, 540EZ, etc. and the V6II as the "digital" model that only supports flashes that speak the modern digital protocols.

    Once the respective firmware update for the V6 will be released, you should be possible to use a V6II transmitter to remote control the power levels of an SB-24, 540EZ, etc by putting the latter on V6 receivers.

    The V6 will never support HSSs but by using a V6II transmitter (sender on your camera) you should be able to use HSS for those digital flashes supported by the V6II (by putting them on V6II receivers) while also including analogue flashes (by putting them on V6 receivers), albeit without HSS capabilities.

    Hopefully, however, the future V6 firmeware will support PowerSync for those old flashes. I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be able to.
  • Thank you for the answer.

    One more question.
    Will a V6-II transmitter be able to trigger a flash on a V5?
    I guess it will work?


  • Will a V6-II transmitter be able to trigger a flash on a V5?
    Yes, that works.

    No group support, obviously and the multi-channel-broadcast approach of the V5 (channels 1-5) is also not supported. In other words, the V6II has the same (basic) support for the V5 as the V6 has.

    As long as one of the V6(II) groups is active, V5 receivers will fire as well.
  • Thank you

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