V6ii won't trigger Godox Wireless Transmitter

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Edit: Figured it out the problem was. I had to set delay time to at least 130ms

I have the Olympus Om-d E-m5 (not mark ii) camera and a few flashes.  I bought a Godox TT600 with the XT32c (canon version) transmitter as it can do HSS only on wireless.  After hooking everything up the V6ii doesn't seem to trigger the XT32c. The V6ii does auto detect XT32C at start up as Canon flash.  Pushing the test button on the V6ii does trigger the XT32c as I can see the indicator light of the XT32 going off.

I also have a Neweer speedlite 750ii which has a nikon hot shoe mount, and it attaches directly onto the V6ii. Pressing camera shutter button does trigger the speedlite. So that light works. My Olympus FL-36 works fine also.

My other speedlite is a Yongnuo YN560-ii, and my TT600 both have only the single pin just for triggering the flash.  Those two don't work with the V6ii directly connected unless I press the V6ii test button.

Is the V6ii not compatible with a transmitter to communicate with off camera flashes?  I seen some videos where users put a transmitter onto the V6ii and it is able to trigger an off camera flash.


  • Seems strange that your solution (130ms delay) works. A delay should
    1. not be necessary regarding timing, and
    2. not influence whether the XT32 is triggered or not.

    BTW, your Yongnuo YN560-ii and TT600 should work with the V6II. If you are still on an old firmware version then try using a "Nikon" flash profile. With a later firmware version the "Manual" settings works as well. 

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