How do I set my Cactus V5 to do wireless shutter release & wirelessly flash trigger at the same time

The same set of V5 units CANNOT be used as BOTH a flash trigger and shutter release at the same time. This is because the electronic pulse required for a flash trigger is much shorter than that for shutter release, and the combination of the two functions will likely result in many misfires.

That said, each V5 unit comes with the capability to serve as a transmitter or receiver for the flash trigger function or shutter release function. Hence, with two sets of V5 set to DIFFERENT CHANNELS, you will be able to use one set of V5 as wireless flash trigger, and the other as wireless shutter release.

V5 Channel A
- V5 (1) Rx connected to Camera shutter release terminal, set to any channel
- V5 (2) Tx in your hand as a remote,

V5 Channel B
- V5 (3) Tx mounted on camera hot shoe, you may mount a flash unit on the Tx.
- V5 (4) Rx with flash unit mounted on the V5

Note: If you have a Cactus V6, one transceiver is capable of releasing the camera shutter and triggering flash at the same time. Follow the steps below:

Channel A
-    V5 (1) Tx in your hand, i.e. channel 1

Channel A+1
-    V6 Rx mounted on camera hot shoe, enable Relay Mode and set to channel 2
-    V5(2) Rx connect to studio strobe sync port or flash, set to channel 2

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