Problems triggering RF60 from my V6


Got my RF60 today and have been having a play. I own 3 V6. I did own 4 but a fall off a ceiling beam cost me one of them and a nikon sb800 hence the purchase of the RF60. The RF60 was a two birds with one stone replacement or so I am hoping. 

I have, in the studio, used the RF60 in Master mode to trigger a V6 with a Nikon flash on it. I then set up a V6 on camera with the RF60 on the stand across the room (+4m away). Selected the right channels and started playing. The V6 is talking to the RF as I can change power and zoom levels but it won't fire. I have tried 2 different cameras, 2 V6 modules, different channels and groups, and also tried a standalone V6 and fired the test button and still nothing. Every time I can change the power and zoom but there is no flash.

Any thoughts?


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