V6 II TX's to both of my V6 RX's with any group selected?

My new V6 II (firmware updated)  transmits to my two(2) original V6 (firmware updated) receivers when any of the groups are selected, rather than the group the receiver is set too?  

Any Ideas?


  • I've now updated the V6 II with today's firmware update, and now the Rx's trigger when none (0) of the 4 groups are selected, so you cant ever turn off any groups (on the older V6 Rx's) from the new V6 II.  

  • You need to wait for new firmware on the original V6, which we will release next month.

    Then you can remote power control flash mounted on the V6 from a V6 II (TX).
    It will support Power Sync (power boost) at above x-sync.
    But it will not suppoer Normal HSS.

    Thank you!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

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