RF60 and V6

I cannot get the V6 to trigger the RF60, please help.

I have the RF60 set to S Channel 1 Group B and the V6 set to TX Channel 1.

Incidentally the RF60 Channel A say OFF and I cannot see how to change to ON.

The RF60 fires when on the camera at L setting and with the V6 on camera the green light illuminates when the shutter is fired but the RF60 doesn't fire.


  • Whatever group you assign the RF 60 to (say group B), needs to be active on the V6.

    Make sure that the V6 is in Tx mode and that the group button you need (here B) is lit. When you turn the dial, the power level on the V6 display for group B should change.

    The power level on the RF60 should also change at the same time.

    Make sure you do not put the V6 and RF60 too close to each other (unless you activate the "SHORT RANGE" option). Keep a distance of say 30cm.

    Make also sure the V6 is not in relay mode. Try a factory reset, if everything else fails.
  • You are brilliant.

    2 dumbo actions on my part in that the V6 was in relay mode and I was testing them very closely together.

    Very many thanks for sorting my problem.  You are a STAR!

  • Thanks, glad I could help. :)
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