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Greetings Cactus Community!

After exhaustive research I recently made the decision to pull the trigger (pun intended) on a good bit of Cactus gear.  A couple of RF60’s, several V6’s and some extraneous accessories that I figured I couldn’t live without!

One of the features that swayed my decision includes of course the brand agnostic (i.e. brilliant) approach Cactus is taking.  I’ll use some of the V6’s to trigger some OEM flashes and they are intended to replace a system-specific triggering system I already own.  Adding the RF60’s to the mix.

One of the features I “settled’ for are the limitations of four groups, which I am going to have to work around.  In spite of this I went with Cactus.  I wonder if these four groupings could be doubled (or even tripled?) by a firmware fix?  Eight would be Group Nirvana for sure and the more the merrier!

However, I am greatly looking forward to accepting shipment of the ordered gear and putting it into service.  I have seen good reviews and I liked what I saw out there.

I am also looking forward to hanging out with you good folks here in the Cactus Community.  Hopefully I’ll be back telling everyone how much I love this equipment!



  • We are glad to hear your positive feedback.

    All the best!
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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