Does Cactus V6 work with Nissin i40 an Fuji XT1?

Encountered these problems with my new Cactus V6 set on Fuji XT1 with Nissin i40- Fuji: : 1. TTL pass-through does not work- flash will not fire    2. Only in manual mode can the flash be triggered, but power can not be adjusted- same output regardless of the power setting.  3. Haven't tried the learning mode to establish a flash profile- but: can I really expect to establish a flash profile for Nissin i40-Fuji? 
Feedback much appreciated, thanks!           


  • Hello @Knut

    The i40 is not supported for remote power control and it cannot be learned because it runs on sole digital TTL protocols. The V6 requires analogue protocols.

    However TTL Pass Through should not be a problem.
    Have you already long-press the MENU button to enable the TTL Pass Through function on the V6 (TX)?

    Thank you and I look forward to your reply.
  • Hello Antonio,
    thank you for this clarification. I did activate TTL pass through (confirmed by display). The flash (I am using one flash only) was not mounted  on the tx-unit, but on the rx- unit, intended to be used as a slave. Was this the point where I created a problem? May be I don't understand the idea of TTL pass through: should I have used an additional flash on the tx- unit as well? If so, what controls would have been transmitted from the master unit ( tx-V6) to the slave unit (on the rx-V6)? Thank you for your help, Knut

  • Hi Krut,

    Yes, TTL pass through literraly means the passing through of TTL signals from camera's hot shoe, through a device - in this case, the Cactus V6 (TX), then to a TTL portable flash to receive the TTL signals.

    What you had in mind is a wireless TTL flash trigger.

    On that note, I won't rule out possibilities of remote control the i40's flash power in the future ;)
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