Low power and rear flash issues

Hi folks!

I spend the evening playing around with this configuration:
Fuji X-T1, Metz 58 AF-2 (Olympus), 2x Cactus V6
...and ran into a couple of issues.

1) The AF-2 flash profile on the RX does not expose properly. I can change the power remotely (via TX) but the output change is barely noticable and 1/1 is faaar from maximum. Profile AF-1 seems to work though. Do I miss something obvious here? What´s the difference between those two profiles (apart from the missing maximum power).

2) I cannot enable rear sync. Works with my Nissin i40 attached directly to cam but not with the mentioned configuration. As I photograph dance partys a lot I rely on this feature. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    AF-1 just refers to a different flash model. If all you are changing are the flash profiles (i.e., if you are using the flash in TTL mode with both profiles) then there may be an issue with the AF-2 profile. It works for my Metz 58 AF-2, but I have the Pentax-dedicated version of that flash, so the profile is a different one.

    You won't be able to use native rear-sync with the V6, as the latter is a manual trigger only, i.e. no system-specific TTL functions are supported via radio (only through the on-camera pass-through option).

    If you want rear-sync with off-camera flashes, you can use the "delay" feature. Have a look in the manual.
  • Thx!

    Seems that other users have issues with the AF-2 as well. See this:
    Maybe you could check that combination in future updates (awesome that you offer them!).

    I was hoping to not need to use the delay feature but at least I have this workaround available. Well I guess using an extension cord to connect the X-T1 and my Nissin i40 is an alternative.

    Looking forward to Cactus V7! ;-)
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