Remote flashes flicker violently when I half-press shutter on Canon 5D3 if using TTL pass through

Hi - I just bought 4 new Cactus V6.

I have a Canon 5D3 with a Cactus V6 in the hot shoe and a Canon 580 EX2 flash on top of that.  I have the Cactus set to TTL pass through.  I then have 3 Canon 430EX flashes attached to three remote Cactus V6's.

If the 580 flash is turned off then everything works fine.  However, if the 580 flash is turned on then when I press the shutter half way to focus the three remote flashes go crazy -- rapid firing on their own, very fast more like a very bright flicker.  The green LED on the V6 that is sandwiched between the camera and the 580 flash also starts strobing in sync with the erratic rapid firing of the remote flashes.  It does this 100% of the times I try.

Troubleshooting instructions for "Flash Misfire - Unexpected Flash Firing" gives the following possibilities:
1) poor hot shoe connection. - I redid connection and all seems fine.
2) background radio interference - I get this regardless of where I am.  I also tried changing channels.
3) Tx and Rx are too close together - I get this at any distance.
4) Optical trigger switched on. - It is turned off.


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