Is there a way to set dealy and freeze longer than stated in the manual?


Suppose I want to take a picture of a bird eating bread after it landed, then it would be nice if I could have a camera delay set to a couple of seconds to give the bird a chance to land and 'ease down'.
But the manual says the maximum delay is only 400ms what means I would only have pictures of landing birds.
Can I bypass it by setting the delay on the LV5 to off and set a long delay on my V6?

Same question for the freeze: I read in the forum that there is no way to turn of the trigger but is there a way to set the freeze to a longer period than 4 seconds? I would like to have far longer freezes.



  • I'd say there is no chance to increase the supported maximum freeze time. What do you need it to be longer for?

    However, you can increase the delay time by using a corresponding extra delay on the V6 triggered by the LV5. The V6 can then add any delay time you like to the delay already provided by the LV5.
  • Thanks.

    A longer freeze time would be nice so not to make too many pictures of the first bird that lands on the feeding ground..
    With longer freeze I have a better chance to capture the next bird on camera in stead of many pictures of the first bird that entered the feeding ground.
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