Light measurement in HSS-Mode


I ordred a V6II to work together with my 2 RF60 flashes. 

Has anibody experiences how exposure settings are measured for HSS-Mode. Normal flash meter should be missleading and camera exxposure time schould have a significant impact.

"Normal" HSS modes are all TTL and do not need this thoughts.
Greetings from Germany


  • True, for every doubling of shutter speed (beyond the sync-speed), you lose a stop of light from the ambient light as well as from HSS flashes.

    I'm not aware of any light meter that accounts for that.

    In practice, I don't find this to be a problem.
  • It's another factor to deal with when manipulating settings and adjusting flash and ambient balance. Certainly TTL systems make this easier as the flash exposure will be held as the shutter speed and subject distances change .... These are often the two elements that are most dynamic during HSS work.

    However, like ClassA, once you're used to intuitively dialing in a flash power adjustment on the v6 I find it works well. You can think in terms of 'clicks' needed in each direction to compensate for each stop of shutter speed change.

    Whilst TTL flashes can be less work in this situation, clearly the Cactus manual solution is less expensive and comes now with the all-important radio HSS advantage.
  • Are you asking how to use a light meter to get the proper exposure with HSS flashes?

    Just use ISO 25 on your light meter with the correct shutter speed, then multiply it out to get the right shutter speed for your use since most light meters do not measure the higher speed flash correctly.

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