Fujifilm XT10 w/ Yongnuo YN685 / YN600EX

Hi there, just plan to take Cactus V6 II to work with my Fuji XT10 (because it says work  with HSS mode)... just want to make sure will it work both the HSS and manually setting the power wireless with the combo XT10 and Yongnuo YN685/YN600EX ? do i still need V6 II for both TX and RX, or i can just use V6 for the RX (after updating it to the last update firmware) while the TX using V6 II on camera (this can save my wallet a lot :) ) ?

Thanks, and Cheers.


  • You need V6II for both TX and RX to use HSS.

    On the other hand, the V6 after firmware update will support V6II Power Sync, but the V6 as RX will not support HSS.

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    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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