Setting up a Camera Trap system with Cactus RF60

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Hi All

I hope someone here can help or has any suggestions.

This is what i have 

1 x cactus V6 Transciever
1 x cactus LV 5 Beams
1 x cactus RF60 Flash

What i have been trying to do is set this all up with my Nikon D810 in a camera trap system to shoot wildlife with long exposures to get the stars as well. However the problem i have is that when all set up and the beam is broken, both the camera and the flash trigger perfectly, but what happens is that with the camera set on a 30 second exposure every time the beam is broken within that 30 second exposure period the flash fires again, i have set the flash to the longest delay possible and even with that the longest exposure i can get with the flash only firing once is about 4 seconds which is not long enough to expose for the stars as well.

And ideas or suggestions would be great.



  • You seem to be letting the LV5 trigger the flash.

    Why don't you let the camera trigger the flash?

    Mount the V6 on the camera and set it to "RELAY" mode. Use channel 2 for the V6 and the RF60.

    Use channel 1 for the LV5. This will trigger the V6 (in "RELAY" mode the V6 listens to a channel number one lower than it is set to) which in turn will trigger the camera.

    The camera will then trigger the V6 which will then use channel 2 to trigger the RF60.
  • Thanks very much Class A will give this a bash
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