Slave RF60's won't fire

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I have a problem and hope that i can explain.

When i use a RF60 on camera (MASTER) it flashes when take a picture but the other RF60 (SLAVE) and V6 (RX) won't fire.
The test button works and triggers everything.
Tested it with Fuji X100T (i know maximum sync speed limitation) , X-T1 (i know only mechanical trigger), Nikon D750 (i know the hotshoe problem), none of my 3 RF60's works as master trigger. Also changed channel, latest firmware V2,...
The V6 works as a trigger but not as receiver from RF60.

In short: None of my RF60's can be used as on camera master trigger.

Thanks for helping


  • Thanks for the bug report. We are working on the fix.

    The firmware will be released within this week.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • V2.01 fixed it!!

    Many thanks.
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