Broken LCD display!

Hello! I'm Pat!

So, I bought a set of 2 Cactus V6s from a friend, but one of them has a broken LCD display. Now, being that I am not the original owner, I am still able to send it in for repair without warranty? If so, where do I pay for it?

Thank you for your time!


  • Hello Pat,

    The warranty is for one year. if you don't have the original receipt or if the product is over the warranty period repair fee is USD 15 and a replacement LCD is USD 10.

    If you decide to send it back, you may send your V6 in a bubble jiffy bag and it should give it sufficient protection. Here's the address:

    Harvest One Ltd.
    11A, Block 2, Koon Wah Mirror Factory (6th) Industrial Building,
    7-9 Ho Tin Street, Tuen Mun,
    New Territories,

    Thank you.
  • Same problem, broken LCD display, warranty period expired, and I lost original receipt. Want to repair.

    If I decide send trigger back, what else should I put in the parcel? Any notes, return address? How to pay for the work?
  • Hello @Maynagashev, I am sorry to hear about this.

    You can pay your repair and shipping fees via PayPal.

    Yes a return address would be appreciated. Please also jot down your email address and phone number as Hongkong Post's E-express registered airmail service needs them too.

    FYI the LCD on the V6 is USD 10 and repair fee is USD 15.

    Thank you!
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