RF60 Firmware downgraded

I have a question about my Cactus Flash RF60 and the Cactus Updater tool Version 2.07 
Today I processed as usual a Firmware update for my flash. Before I process the Update I verify the firmware  version of My RF60 and it indicated Version 202 once I processed the Update through the tool it downgraded to Version 200.

Is this Normal? If yes, why the updater tool downgraded my Flash RF60 to an older/earlier version?

Thank you in advance to reply back to me.



  • Don't just press "UPDATE", this will only install the currently selected firmware. The Updater shows the current firmware somewhere.

    Press "Check for latest Firmware" first and then select the firmware version you want (usually the latest is the best). After that, "UPDATE" will install that version.

    I guess it would be nice if the "UPDATE" button said "INSTALL VERSION ..." with the dots replaced by the version number it would install. Then there could be a big "OR" below and the "Check for latest firmware versions" button could be below it.
  • Hello Class A

    Thank you so Much!!!!! it worked . I could  update my RF60 to Version 204 . 

    Thanks again for your help!!!!!  Appreciated.

  • edited October 2016
    No worries. :)

    I'm enjoying this latest RF60 firmware version myself. My previous triggering reliability issues seem to have disappeared! :)
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