Correct settings with Nikon SB-600 and Nikon D90?

I just ordered a set of V4. I am having trouble getting my flash (Nikon SB600) to sync with my camera and the triggers.

Batteries are fine and have checked the connections and attached receiver and trigger correctly. My flash just refuses to fire in any other way except attached to hot shoe. I have tried commander mode and setting the flash on Manual mode. Groups and channels are fine and match.

Just wondering what the correct settings are for Nikon SB600 and D90 to get these babies to fire?

Thanks for any advise!


  • Thank you for contacting us.  I'm terribly sorry to hear about this.   

    I would suggest the following checks to see if it may help with the issue.

    1) Have you switched on the receiver on the front? A Red light should turn on when the test button of the transmitter is pressed;
    2) Have you set the transmitter and receiver into the same channel;
    3) When you press the test button on the transmitter, do the LED of both the transmitter and receiver turn on?
    4) Switch transmitter and receiver to different channel combination and test again.
    5) If your flash has a hot shoe lock, adjust this lock to "off" or differing tightness and test again (ensure that the flash is at a secure position to avoid possible fall).
    6) Place the distance between flash and receiver to 1 meter and test again
    7) Test with battery cover open (Adjust metal plate of battery accordingly if the unit works with battery cover open)

    Please let us know whether the above measures help and we will ensure to take prompt action upon your reply.

    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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