V6II remotely triggering flashes only with Seconic light meter

Dear Sir/Madam!

I'm seriously considering investing into few Catus V6II devices. Main
feature useful for me is setting power of flashes in 0.1 increments.

I have Nikon camera and few Nikon (or Nikon CLS and i-TTL compatible)
flashes. And Seconic L-7589D light meter. I'm opening new thread as I
have not find explicit answer to questions I have.

I'd like to achieve following:

  1. I'd like to trigger flashes only with light meter (not taking picture on camera at same time)
  2. I'd like to remotely setting up power of all flashes (not having camera in
    my hand, basically immediately after measuring light measuring light)
  3. After measuring light and setting up correctly flashes to take pictures with
    camera having camera. This means no additional (or minimal) changes on
    Cactus devices.

How this can be achieved? I need detailed explanation.

I've read about relay mode but I believe that pushing test button on TX will take a picture also.

Looking forward to hearing from you



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    You don't need relay mode unless you want to remote release the camera.

    It seems your light meter supports the connection of a sync ("synchro") cord. You'd have to connect this cord to a V6II (or V6) in Tx mode. Cactus may sell the right cable or you may need an adapter for the original Sekonic cable.

    You can then trigger the flashes with your light meter.

    You can use the same trigger (that is connected to your light meter) to change the power level settings of all flashes (provided the flashes are supported by the V6II or are RF60 flashes).

    On the camera, you need another trigger in Tx mode. Depending on whether you want to use HSS or PowerSync, it needs to be V6II. If you only need basic triggering, a V6 or even V5 would do the job. However, in this case, double check with Cactus what kind of flashes you'd be able to fire with which receiver.  I think if you want to use V6II receivers and compatible flashes while retaining remote power control, then you cannot use a V5 as a trigger. Not sure about the V6 with the latest firmware version.

    P.S.: Even when you use a V6/V6II on the camera, its power levels won't override the settings you have made earlier with the trigger that is attached to the light meter. Only if you used "multi-master" mode, or changed the levels on the on-camera trigger then you'd lose the changes you have made using the light meter attached trigger.

    Hope this helps.
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