triggering 10 exposure burst in Canon 5Ds

Hello all.  I am looking for a way for an athlete to trigger a 10 frame burst from a Canon 5Ds when he or she breaks a laser beam.  The LV5 will send a signal that will start the process, but I'm not sure the V6 will trigger the 10 frame burst on the camera.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  If so, have you actually done it?

I see the Sports Shutter option whereby the Slave camera with a V6 in RX mode goes into burst mode based upon a Master camera with a V6 in TX mode.  I need the LV5 to provide the triggering sequence for the camera.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks in advance . . . 
Michael Cummins
Sports Photos USA


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    You won't be able to get 10 frames exactly, unless you can trigger an external intervalometer control that then can instruct the camera accordingly, or your 5Ds has the capability to do 10 exposures based on one trigger event natively.  Pentax cameras have an intervalometer built-in but I'm not sure about your Canon model. Even the Pentax intervalometer may not be designed for a fast 10 frame burst, I'd have to check on that.

    The only chance to get multiple frames directly from the LV5 is to use the "multi-shot" mode and put your camera into burst mode. The camera will then take photos as quickly as it can, as long as the laser beam is interrupted (or visible in "escape" mode). The number of frames you'll get then depends on the length of the laser interruption and the frame rate of your camera. 

    Maybe a MagicLantern firmware has helpful additional options? Just a thought. You could use one LV5 for starting the sequence and another for ending it, but the camera would have to support this kind of "start - stop" control through two subsequent shutter release events.
  • Thanks for the ideas.  I have been searching for the equipment to do this for months.  There are several options for a single shot trigger.  As far as I can tell there is nothing today that will do what I want. 
    Michael Cummins
    Sports Photos USA
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