Flash does not fire

Hi !
Just got a pair of Cactus V5, bought new.

Equipement used:
- Fuji X100S, Panasonic DCM-LX3
- Vivitar 283 (2 ones), Vivitar 2800 (2 ones), Starblitz 322BTZ. All are normal polarity flashes and at least the Vivitar 283 is said compatible.

My problem is the same, whatever the camera and whatever the flash:
- The transmitter flashes green when shutter realeses and the receiver also. So both V5 work.
- But the flash never works. Furthermore, the manual check button does not operate when the flash is connected to the Rx V5, except on the Starblitz..

On the other hand, the flashes work normally when triggered by a light trigger.

Any idea ?
Thanks in advance.


  • Hello Jean,

    The problem could be the hot shoe. Just lack of contact. There are many discussion threads here about how to get the Cactus transceivers to work with various cameras.

    In some cases it helps to take out the thing metal spring in the hot shoe. You can lift it up and pull it out with a small screwdriver or a solid tooth pick or something.


  • Hi Geir.

    Since the Rx light flashes green when shutter is released, the problem is not on the camera size.
    But as you say, it is probablyy a problem of contact at the hot shoe level. Confirmed by the fact that I cannot light the flsh wit the test button: the flash is probably short-circuited bay the hot shoe of the Rx.

    I am going to experiment and give a feedback.

    Thanks a lot.
  • Ok, Jean. I wish you good luck.


  • Hi @jean,

    Are you able to fire the flash:
    1. Pressing the test button on the flash?
    2. Pressing the test button on the V5 RX?
    3. Pressing the test button on the V5 TX? (I guess not for this one?)

    I am not sure how old or new are your Vivitar 283s, but some older ones has a voltage of over 600V!  More recent ones ranges from 6V to 8V, and some other from 190V to 230V. The V5 can handle up to 300V, so it may not work if you have one of the older ones.

    Try also to switch around the V5 transceivers in case some of its top hot shoe has malfunction.

  • Hi Antonio.
    The answer is NO to all of your questions.
    My flashes are old indeed but no one is over 150 V.

    I have to search about the hot shoe. As soon as I get some time to do that.

  • The flash won't fire even when you press the Test button on the flash?
    (there is a test button on these Vivitar, right?)

    Does it make a difference when you don't mount the the flash on the V5?

    Keep us posted.
  • Yes Antonio. When not mounted on V5, all flashes fire when I press the test button and all fire on a camera.
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