Fuji X-Pro2 + V6 II + RF 60 flash what you can and can't do


I'm planning to buy this christmas the same setup: X-Pro2 (wich is my camera, updated to the latest firmware) + V6II + RF 60 flash but I see a lot of issues with cactus transmiter and flash to work fine with the fuji x system.

I'll appreciate someone who really say what it's possible to do and what is not going to work with this set up.

thanks in advance.


  • Hi Joan, 

    See my answer in your other thread.

    I have very good experience with the exact combination you mention.


  • Thanks Geir for chiming in. Much appreciated!

    We have heard X-Pro2 with latest firmware having some issues. We are trying to get hold of the camera so we can test out our internal firmware versions. As soon as we do we will post an update.
  • Hello again Antonio,

    You're welcome.

    I installed the version 2 firmware on the X-Pro2.

    As I have said in other threads, it can be tricky to get the V6 II detect the camera correctly, but if you press the shutter button several times or even take a picture just before or during startup of the V6 II, I get the letter "F" inside the camera symbol. But only one of my two V6 works. On the other, I am not able to tighten properly the lever. Maybe this is a hot shoe problem.


  • Hi Geir,

    So you have got firmware v2.00 or v2.01?


    On the V6 that you're not able to tighten the level, do you notice any difference on the lever's undderside? Such as any scraping of the plastic? Does the locking pin engage as you lock the lever?

  • Hi Antonio,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I wasn't even aware that there are two version 2 already. I just checked and I have v2.01. I hope this is OK.

    I must check tonight, when back home about the lock lever and the locking pin. I'll get back to you as soon as I have checked that. I will also test the "bad" V6 II on my Nikon D700 and see what that gives.

    Thank you for all the support you give to the users. Your assistance really helps people solve the problems.


  • Hi Geir,

    Some say it works but others said there's a problem. Keep us posted.

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