P-TTL with V6 II

I'm using the V6 II with a Pentax 645Z and Pentax AF-540FGZ flash. 

I'm trying to use my flash off camera with 2 V6 II units in full P-TTL mode. Whether I set the TX in TTL passthrough or not, the flash behaves the same with regard to power levels. That is, I don't get full automatic P-TTL flash control. I still have to set the power levels. Am I missing a step in the setup somewhere?



  • Hi fellow Pentax user,

    the V6II does not support P-TTL via radio.

    With respect to off-camera flashes, it is a purely manual trigger.

    If you can remote control the power level of your AF 540 FGZ, remote control its zoom settings, and can also fire it at shutter speeds that exceed the sync-speed (say at 1/1000s) then all that should work is working and you are not missing a setting. 

    The TTL pass-through mode is only intended for a flash that is attached to the on-camera V6II transmitter. It allows the camera to talk to the flash is if the V6II were not present. You will not get P-TTL via radio from a V6II.
  • Thanks Class A. The manual seems to suggest otherwise. The manual states:

    "With TTL pass-through, the TTL flashes
    behave as they would when directly
    connected to the camera hot shoe. The V6 II
    will work as a wireless  flash commander while
    supporting all the automatic features (e.g.,automatic ash output via TTL metering, AF-
    assist light, second curtain sync, and high
    speed sync/FP shutter) provided by the TTL fl
    ash system. "

    Does this not indicate that I can get the TTL signal from my camera to a remote flash wirelessly?

    Thanks for your patience.
  • No, TTL pass-through is for a flash mounted on the hotshoe of the transmitter unit.  So you can still operate that one with full functionality whilst triggering remote flashes in manual mode.
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    The relevant part from the manual is:

    While the V6 II does not wirelessly command off-camera flashes to fire according to TTL metering, it is designed to pass the TTL signal from camera to flash via the transmitter (TX) and vice versa.

    That's two paragraphs above the one you quoted.

    Ideally, the phrasing should be "...pass the signal from the camera to the on-camera flash (that is mounted to the on-camera V6II transmitter)...".
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